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"Discover 21 Powerful Ideas Which Will Transform
Your Life Starting Today!"

Astonishing changes are about to happen to you once you know these secrets...

My name's Gordon Bryan, and I'm the author of 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days!'

Let's not mess around, I want you to buy my book, and you're doubt asking 'What's in it for me?'
The quick answer is that it will change your life by changing the way you perceive the world.

'How is it different from all the other motivational books?'
Because the point of this book is to give you just one thought per day.
21 thoughts, over 21 days, which will build up to give you a rich and solid
foundation, from which to make your life absolutely anything you want it to be.

Don't just take MY word for it though - here's what some readers have to say...

No one is going to get overwhelmed or give up half way through *this* course.

Before you know it, 21 days is up and you have a new outlook on life!
Gordon has a real knack for teaching this stuff!

Rebecca "Becky" Hagel

Gordon has put together a true gem in the personal development & self-improvement area.

His style of writing is both fun and informative.

Each page is loaded with ideas that will create positive change in your life. Easily digestible too, so you can begin applying the ideas immediately.

Josh Hinds

It's a passionate subject for me. I've used the techniques for over 25 years now,so I know they work, and I know they will work for anyone who takes them on board and makes the effort.

What? You mean there's effort involved!
Oh yes, plenty!
The good part is, this is all covered in the book, and when you've finished, you'll be chomping at the bit to get to work on your life!

Here are some of the things you'll learn...

 How to steer your own life rather than being buffeted by circumstance.

 How to enjoy the feeling of freedom.

 How to develop huge self esteem - permanently.

 How to make petty annoyances a thing of the past.

 How to develop and fulfil your ambitions.

 How to find contentment in your everyday life.

 How to create your own 'luck'.

 How to avoid the 2 mistakes most unsuccessful people make.

 Who it is that stops you being happy.

 How to fill your days with passion.

 Why the grass *isn't* greener on the other side.

 How to get things into perspective.

 The secret all happy people use.

 The two 'R's we all need, but most of us ignore.

 How thoughts affect physicality- and how to use this to your advantage.

 What most 'feelgood' books don't tell you, and why most of them leave you feeling no better.

 The simple goal-achievement formula which works everytime.

To change the consequence, change the action.
To change the action, change the thought.

Each day, for 21 days, I give you a concept to mull over, see how it plays out in *your* life, and by the time you get to the end, you will appreciate that changing your life is simply a matter of choice and action.

21 days is a psychologically accepted length of time to form new habits and ditch old ones.

Transform Your Life in 21 Days!

If you see the price showing as less than $37, then that's an offer price, so grab it at the lower price before it rises!

I just couldn't put it down! I read the entire book in one sitting!
You have done a magnificent job here, its nice & simple, to the point and such an easy read.

I woke up this morning and already found myself using one of your tips, just a few hours after having read the book.
I really enjoyed your writing style, full of your personality!

Anik Singal

I enjoyed "Transform Your Life In 21 Days!" a great deal.

If I were to pick one motivational book that I could read in one sitting this would be the one.
What you covered in this book will change the perspective and lives of anyone. All they have to do is follow the truths that are placed in front of them.

I will recommend this book to many of the friends I have, and also to the new friends I will meet in the future.

James Mann

By now, you're probably wondering about the cost...

Well, if I were to give you advice tailored individually for you, then we're talking about life coaching.
Sure, I'll do it, but I would charge a bare minimum of $50 AN HOUR, plus expenses, which would probably *still* get me run out of town by the coaching industry for being too cheap!

I'm offering these concepts which you can use, I use them,
anyone can use them...for just $37!

Only $37?
Am I crazy?

The reason is simple.

Integrity. It's one of the codes I live my life by.
I know this ebook will help you transform your life, and I want to make it as attractive as possible for you to try it out.

Besides, an amazing aspect of the Internet is that it allows me to deliver the product digitally -- so costs are reduced.

I win, you win.

There is so much B.S. and hype on the Internet. People are trying to take huge portions of your hard-earned money left and right.

There is NO NEED to spend lots of money. Let me repeat that -- there is NO NEED to spend lots of money.

You can go to a 'happy clappy' seminar for $500, but after reading this book, you'll have all the tools you need without spending ONE MORE PENNY!

Transform Your Life in 21 Days!

If you see the price showing as less than $37, then it's the launch price, so grab it at the lower price before it rises!

100% Money Back Guarantee!
You may be wondering what happens if you buy the book and don't like it. Well, that's simple - you get your money back!
No fuss, no arguing, I'll give you 100% of your purchase price back! That puts the onus on me to deliver, which I'm quite happy about as I stand by my book just as much today as when I wrote it back in 2003!

Why You Should Act Now:

Because ACTION is one of the key concepts you'll discover in the book!
The power and consequence of decisive action is astounding, and you can be changing your life in the next 5 minutes!

So many people never act, then look back on their lives and realize that their fears were stronger than their dreams.

Don't Let This Happen To You!

Transform Your Life in 21 Days!

If you see the price showing as less than $37, then it's the launch price, so grab it at the lower price before it rises!

Make the decision today -- right NOW -- to improve your life, to create an abundant future for yourself and your family... 100% risk free!

Yours in Success,

Gordon Bryan

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

Remember - 21 concepts to transform your life in 21 days!

People are transforming their lives every single day. At $37, what have you got to lose? You are only 5 minutes away from a transformed future!
Transform Your Life in 21 Days!

If you see the price showing as less than $37, then it's the launch price, so grab it at the lower price before it rises!

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