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"Who Else Wants To Grab The Limited Supply Of Articles Written By Gordon That You Can Use As Your Own?"
London 2012 Olympics Special Price Offer In Operation!

Save yourself hour after hour of content creation, and let Gordon do all the work while you grab the end product for a steal!

Dear Friend,
Gordon Bryan here, that's me above.

This not a long hypey sales letter, here is not the place for me to convince you of the traffic-pulling power of articles - I expect you are here already knowing how you can use each article over and over - your own site, blog, article directories, forums, videos, comments, facebook, twitter and so on!

No, it's a place for me to simply offer my article writing service.

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So what's the cost?

Here's My London 2012 Olympic Offer!

If you've been following me for any time, you'll know I love the sport, and the Olympics, so I've decided to run a price offer during the London 2012 Games!
Between the Opening Ceremony day of July 27th and Closing Ceremony day of August 12th 2012, the prices below are in operation...

- The cost is $10 per article, and each article will be 400+ words.
I say 400+ because I will go on as long as it takes to finish the point of the article, that may go over 500, possibly 600, but the minimum will be 400.
Normally I charge $15 for that, but the Olympic price deal means the 'per word' cost goes from $0.375 down to $0.25

If you to take up the offer price, but don't need your articles for a while, that's fine, just get in touch! - The lead time is 3 days per article.
This allows me to take on multiple orders - your first article will be within 3 days, then the next within 3 days after that, and so on.

- I need to know:
The subject.
Keywords if required.
Whether the article is for seo or not.
Also, letting me see any site you intend to promote makes a big difference too!

- As for your rights with the articles?
Everything! Once you pay and I deliver, the article is yours 100%. I have no claim over it, and you can do whatever you wish with it - it's an article written uniquely for you, which makes life easier!

Health & Happiness,

P.S. Remember, that price is a London 2012 Olympics offer! It's good for any orders placed between July 27th-August 12th 2012 - so don't miss out - get that order placed RIGHT NOW! Just email me your requirements - gordoATgordonbryanDOTcom

Questions? Comments? Need support? Email me - gordonATgordonbryanDOTcom

That's me, Gordon Bryan.

When people email me and I reply, I often get an email back saying they were surprised to hear from me, and had not actually expected a reply! I'm real, and I answer emails personally - this does mean your reply will not come from an autoresponder, so do allow life and it's adventures some time for me to reply!